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Court orders council to rehouse family

Jayesh Kunwardia, 41, social housing and property litigation partner at London firm Hodge Jones & Allen. Why is he in the news? He acted for a mother of five children, including twins, in her Supreme Court appeal against a local authority’s decision to make her homeless. Westminster Council made Titina Nzolameso homeless after she declined to move with her family from London to Bletchley, Buckinghamshire. The council put her children in care homes. Nzolameso argued that the council had not examined all the available housing in the borough or nearby, and so had acted unlawfully under the Housing Act 1996. Lady Hale, giving the...

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Education Law: Helping families of children

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Group claim against London estate agent Foxtons

Who? Chris Haan, 36, senior international and group claims solicitor at London firm Leigh Day. Why is he in the news? He is bringing what is expected to be a multimillion-pound group claim against a London estate agent. The claim is on behalf of private landlords using Foxtons to let, or to let and manage, their properties. It is alleged that the estate agent, without the landlords’ consent, charged commissions of up to 33% of a contractor’s fee for repairs and other work done on their properties. Individual claims, Leigh Day estimates, could be £15,000 or more. The group action began when one...

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